Conferences & Trade Show

What if you could create a mind-blowing event for all your clients by providing them with maximum exposure, regardless of location, time and in fraction of the effort and cost?

ExpoLike does just that! ExpoLike is an Internet platform for Virtual Online Events: Conferences, Trade Shows, dating, ecommerce, support and sales offices, Exhibitions, Political Events and more. A combination of game and business tools that quadruples conversion rates and sales, in a minimal cost while providing ExpoLike visitors a unique experience. We connect people in a real space without the use of a physical space.

Why ExpoLike?

Better Revenue Stream. Event organizer produces revenue from different streams with fantastic upsell opportunities: from Stands and Booths at a cost of $1000-$3000 each. By selling virtual goods, remarketing and retargeting; as well as ad-hoc relevant products such as Speed-dating tickets and finally from sponsorships at the events.
Higher Conversion Rates Using Gamification methodology, our unique product brings fun to the business world and increases conversion rate. ExpoLike’s conversion rate stands at 30%-40% vs. 0.5%-1.5% in other digital channels. In addition, reach huge international audiences at minimal expense.
Engagement, engagement, engagement! Visitors can meet, talk and exchange business cards with colleagues, join a lecture and visit a trade show booth. Interactivity in myriad formats: text, chat rooms, streaming video dialogues, conference calls, breakout rooms, discussion threads. This unique eco-system brings to brand commitment and higher retention rates.

Scalability for all types of gatherings and events: ExpoLike platform is a white label product, built on a web-based infrastructure that endures and can become the basis for ongoing professional development and collaboration for events like: Company meetings, Partner communities, Road shows, Sales kick-offs, Employee training, Roundtables, Poker tournaments, Adult World, Art Galleries, Medical Conferences, and so much more. Potential is exponential!
Valuable Insight Collect valuable information, after and during the visitor is logged in. The Expo Organizer has all tools to track the visitor details, see which brochures were collected, where he spend his time with whom he exchanged V-cards. Collecting the user’s activity on an event makes user profiling very exact that produces true targeted leads. With all this information, exhibitors will be able to target clients with relevant offers, news and more all year round.
The Business model